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Over 90 artists from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Mexico and Italy.

Aaron Paquette

Lightfinder (Gr. 5+)

Alexander Maksik

Shelter in Place

Alissa York

The Naturalist

Andi Zeisler

We Were Feminists Once

André Alexis

The Hidden Keys

Andrée Poulin

The Biggest Poutine in the World (Gr. 5-9) & Pablo Finds a Treasure (Gr. 1-4)

Anna Smaill

The Chimes

Anosh Irani

The Parcel

Aritha van Herk

Stampede and the Westness of West

Arthur Slade

Flickers (Gr. 5-7)

Ashley Spires

Fluffy Strikes Back (Gr. 2-5)

Camille Bouchard

Cahokia (6ème année et plus)

Charlotte Wood

The Natural Way of Things

Clea Young


Craig Davidson

Precious Cargo

Daniel Saldaña Paris

Among Strange Victims

David Goldbloom

How Can I Help

Deborah Campbell

A Disappearance in Damascus

Edward Riche

Today I Learned It Was You

Eleanor Wachtel

The Best of Writers & Company

Emma Donoghue

The Wonder

Erin Bow

The Swan Riders (Gr. 6+)

Frank Viva

Sea Change (Gr. 5-8)

Gail Anderson-Dargatz

The Spawning Grounds

Helen Hajnoczky


Ian McGillis

Higher Ground

Ivan Coyote

Tomboy Survival Guide

J. Edward Chamberlin

The Banker and the Blackfoot

Jael Ealey Richardson

The Stone Thrower

James Hoggan

I’m Right and You’re an Idiot

Jane Byers

Acquired Community

Jane Urquhart

A Number of Things

Jay Hosking

Three Years with the Rat

Jay Pitter

Subdivided: City-Building in an Age of Hyper-Diversity

Jillian Christmas

Black Feminist - Spoken Word Poetry (Gr. 7+)

Jim Lynch

Before the Wind

Joan Crate

Black Apple

John Metcalf

The Museum at the End of the World

Julie Salverson

Lines of Flight: An Atomic Memoir

Karen Bass

The Hill (Gr. 7+)

Karen Hines

Crawlspace (A Staged Reading)

Katherine Govier

The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel

Kathy Stinson

Harry and Walter (Pre-K - 2)

Kenneth Oppel

Every Hidden Thing (Gr. 8+)

Kevin A. Couture

Lost Animal Club

Kevin Patterson

News from the Red Desert

Laura Trunkey

Double Dutch

Laurent Tardy

Monsier Firmin (Gr. 4+), Lettre à ma douce (Gr. 6+), L’ile aux fleurs (Gr. 2+)

Lee Maracle

Memory Serves

Lisa Charleyboy

Urban Tribes & Dreaming in Indian

Lisa Moore

Flannery (Gr. 9-12)

Luis Fabini

Cowboys of the Americas

Lynn Coady

Who Needs Books? & Sex and Death: Stories

Madeleine Thien

Do not Say We Have Nothing

Mariko Tamaki

Saving Montgomery Sole (Gr. 7+)

Mark Leiren-Young

The Killer Whale Who Changed the World

Mathieu Benoit

As-tu peur? (4eme à 7eme)

Michael Helm

After James

Michael Koryta

Rise the Dark

Noah Richler

The Candidate: Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail

Peter Robinson

When the Music's Over

Peter Wohlleben

The Hidden Life of Trees

Philippe Béha

L'abécédaire du pet (Gr. 1+), Je suis heureux (Gr. 1+), Douze oiseaux (Gr. 1+)

Ray Robertson

Lives of the Poets (with Guitars)

Rea Tarvydas

How to Pick Up a Maid in Statue Square

Richard Harrison

On Not Losing My Father's Ashes in the Flood

Robert Hough

The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan

Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

Harmless Like You

Russell Hillier

One Soldier

Ruth Ohi

Fox and Squirrel: The Best Christmas Ever (Pre-K+) & Scribble (Pre-K+)

Sherwin Tjia

You Are a Kitten!

Stacey Matson

Notes from the Life of a Total Genius (Gr. 4-7)

Steven Price

By Gaslight

Taras Grescoe

Shanghai Grand

Teresa Toten

Beware That Girl

Teva Harrison

In-Between Days

Tim Falconer

Bad Singer

Vikki VanSickle

If I Had a Gryphon (Pre-K to Gr. 2) & Summer Days, Starry Nights (Gr. 5 to 9)

Wade Davis

Wade Davis: Photographs

Wesley King

OCDaniel (Gr. 3-7)

Yann Martel

The High Mountains of Portugal

Zoe Whittall – CANCELLED

The Best Kind of People