April 16-23

Apr 16 @ 7pm: Kate Harris — $15 + GST & Fees

Award-winning nature and travel writer Kate Harris presents Lands of Lost Borders, an exuberant account of her journey by bicycle along the fabled Silk Road. Her debut memoir weaves adventure and deep reflection with the history of science and exploration. Read more…

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Apr 17 @ 7pm: Marcello Di Cintio — $15 + GST & Fees

Marcello Di Cintio presents Pay No Heed to the Rockets, a political-literary travelogue that tells a fresh story about Palestine — one that begins with art rather than war, and uncovers a humanity, and a beauty, often unnoticed by news media. Read more…

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April 18 @ 7pm: Poetry Cabaret — $15 + GST & Fees

Wordfest and the League of Canadian Poets present timeless, evocative poetry with five kickass visionaries: Rayanne Haines, Emma Healey, David Martin, Arleen Pare & Shannon Webb-Campbell. This event includes on stage readings and poetic performances, followed by a book signing. Read more…

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Apr 19 @ 7pm: Jamil Jivani — $15 + GST & Fees

In Why Young Men, Jamal Jivani presents a brilliant, moving examination of the roots of jihadi radicalization, and how and why young men are influenced and what we can do about it. Hosted by Zain Velji. Read more…

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Apr 23 @ 7pm: Tima Kurdi (hosted by Amanda Lindhout)— $15 + GST & Fees

Tima Kurdi presents an intimate and poignant memoir about the family of Alan Kurdi — the young Syrian boy who became the global emblem for the desperate plight of millions of Syrian refugees — and of the many extraordinary journeys the Kurdis have taken, spanning countries and continents. Read more…

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