Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer

Sigmund Brouwer is the author of more than 30 books for both children and adults, and is the creator of the Rock and Roll Literacy Show, which he’s presented to students across North America. His novel Dead Man’s Switch was the 2015 winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for Canada’s Best Young Adult Crime Book and two of his novels have been finalists for CCBC Book Awards. He lives in Red Deer.

Twitter: @BrouwerSigmund


Moon Mission: The Epic 400-Year Journey to Apollo 11

<em>Moon Mission</em> is a unique look at the successful – though nearly disastrous – Apollo 11 moon landing. With a riveting narrative told from the astronauts’ points of view, readers get to relive every step of Apollo 11’s 1969 mission – from ignition to moon walk to splashdown – including the nail-biting (and relatively unknown) crucial moments when it came close to failure. <em>Moon Mission</em> also links each step to the innovations and discoveries from the past four centuries that made it possible. A fascinating new perspective on an epic journey and how STEM set it in motion.
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