“The best libraries reflect their communities. Librarianship is a profession where you are constantly learning and being both inspired and called to action, as your community adapts and changes.  Here are some books that have inspired me, as a librarian, as a leader, as a community advocate, and as a mother, also recognizing that anything really worth knowing can be found in a picture book.”

About Sarah Meilleur:

Sarah Meilleur is the Interim CEO for Calgary Public Library. She is an eclectic reader of both print and digital, and she loves family reading time, and gifting books to her friends and family. In her working life, she led the completion and opening of Calgary’s new Central Library. Meilleur also believes in supporting the community through volunteering and she served as the vice-chair for the Calgary Heritage Authority and participated in the Century Homes Calgary project. She was the recipient of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 under 40 award in 2011. Meilleur is passionate about the ways in which public libraries transform lives and she works to foster curiosity (through reading!), innovation, and fantastic visitor experiences.