Natalie Meisner

Natalie Meisner

 Natalie Meisner is a playwright and award-winning multi-genre author, who got her start in the indie theatre and spoken word scene of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since then, she has worked across the country in theatre and the literary arts. Her works include Legislating Love: The Everett Klippert Story, Boom Baby, which won both the Canadian National and the Alberta Playwriting Award, Speed Dating for Sperm Donors, the non-fiction memoir, Double Pregnant: Two Lesbians Make a Family, and the kids’ picture book, My Mommy, My Mama, My Brother, and Me. Meisner is a wife and mom to two great boys and a Professor in the Department of English at Mount Royal University where she works in the areas of creative writing, drama and gender/ sexuality studies. She was Calgary Poet Laureate, 2020-2022.

Twitter: @ndmeisner


Baddie One Shoe

<em>Baddie One Shoe</em> is a collection of odes to renegade women who fight the powers that be with laughter. You know that voice in your head that cuts through it? Does the ill-advised thing in the name of hard won fun? The friend who finishes the bottle with you that needs finishing, stays till closing, holds your hair out of the way if needed? The tough bitch who rescues you in a broken down car. The dyke who takes a punch. The queer who takes down the hypocrite, speaks truth to power, let the chips fall where they may? The working class kid who sees the damned un-level playing field and plays anyway? Takes one for the team? Sets the score card on fire and warms her hands over the glow? Her name is <em>Baddie One Shoe </em>… she’s been here all along as you got on with life, did the work things, made a nest and had a family…she’s bided her time and now she wants out.

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