Rollie Pemberton

Rollie Pemberton

Rollie Pemberton is a writer, rapper, producer, poet and activist who performs under the name Cadence Weapon. He won the 2021 Polaris Music Prize for his album Parallel World. His writing has been published in PitchforkThe GuardianWired, and Hazlitt. Currently based in Toronto, Pemberton was a former Poet Laureate in his hometown of Edmonton.

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Bedroom Rapper

<em>Bedroom Rapper</em> is a book for obsessive music fans who are looking for the definitive take on what’s happened in the last two decades of hip hop, from Rollie Pemberton, a.k.a. Cadence Weapon: <em>Pitchfork</em> critic, award-winning musician, producer, DJ, and poet laureate.

Tracing his roots from recording beats in his mom's attic in Edmonton to performing with some of the most recognizable names in rap and electronic music – De La Soul, Public Enemy, Mos Def, Questlove, Diplo, and more – Polaris Prize winner Pemberton captures the joy in finding yourself, and how a sense of place and purpose entwines inextricably with a music scene.

From competitive basement family karaoke to touring Europe, from fights with an exploitative label to finding his creative voice, from protesting against gentrification to using his music to centre political change, Pemberton charts his own development alongside a shifting musical landscape. As Pemberton finds his feet, the bottom falls out of the industry, and he captures the way so many artists were able to make a nimble name for themselves while labels floundered.

<em>Bedroom Rapper</em> also offers us a wide-ranging and crucial history of hip-hop. With an international perspective that's often missing from rap music journalism, he integrates the gestation of American hip hop with U.K. grime and niche scenes from the Canadian prairies, bringing his obsessive knowledge of hip-hop to bear on his subject. Pemberton takes us into New York in the ’70s, Edmonton in the ’90s, the legendary Montreal DIY loft scene of the 2000s, and traces the ups and downs of trusting your gut and following your passion, obsessively.

With a foreword by Gabriel Szatan, music fans and creators alike will relate to the dedication to craft, obsessive passion for what came before, and desire to shift the future that is embodied in every creative project Pemberton takes on.
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<li><strong>Rollie Pemberton’s <em>Bedroom Rapper</em> a memoir of Edmonton-forged perseverance.</strong> <a href="">-<em>Edmonton Journal</em></a></li>

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