Book Review

By Petra Mandock

Review of Edge of Wild by D.K. Stone

Edge of WildEdge of Wild by D.K. Stone takes place in beautiful Waterton, Alberta. A new hotel is built in this small close-knit community, and with it brings changes to the town. These changes lead to murder, mayhem and a little bit of romance, which all combine for an excellent novel.

The author does a great job taking the reader into the lives of individuals living in a small isolated town. We learn that being an outsider is difficult and asking established locals to embrace new ways can be a challenge. However, as always, some are more receptive than others and are willing to take the gamble. Stone also portrays that change can also be dangerous. Small towns are not necessarily all “peaches and cream.” The author lets us know there can also be a dark side, which the locals will do anything to keep hidden. I believe the author meant to show us that regardless of where we live, in a small town or an urban centre, not everything is as it seems.

Overall, Edge of Wild is a good read. Reading this novel gave me an appreciation of nature; it also gave me the desire to visit Waterton and experience its beauty first hand.

Reviewed by Petra Mandock