Book Review

By ZoAnne DiNapoli

Review of In-Between Days by Teva Harrison

In-Between DaysI read Teva Harrison’s In-Between Days in about three hours. The book was captivating and thought-provoking from start to finish. In-Between Days is a bit of a guide to understanding some of the cancer “demons”. The novel provided an insider look to the experience of a cancer patient and brought up intimate topics that may assist people who are dealing with a loved one affected by the illness. It was the kind of book that people who do not have cancer should read to be able to empathize.

I, personally, would not recommend it to people with cancer; though I think Harrison would. However, I would recommend it to people as a means to learn empathy for the world around us, which ultimately I think was one of Harrison’s goals in sharing her experience. Also I found her use of comic strips very tasteful and more accessible. In a lot of other scenarios I would find comic strips cheesy, however Harrison started drawing comics as an outlet to process her illness therefore these were a sincere addition to the writing.

In the end, I found the novel to be saddening. However, some individuals may perceive the ending as hopeful. I also took notice of a love story that one day may be tragic, but beautiful. Overall, the book was beautifully written; the story was poignant and contains an underlying existential narrative that appears in every section of the novel. Harrison deliberately used this narrative to convey her will throughout her experience. Overall, I would recommend this book.

Reviewed by ZoAnne DiNapoli