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Your Ruth Reichl Doggie Bag

Thank you for joining us for an evening with Ruth Reichl that no one wanted to end. Please savour these links to stories mentioned by Ruth, who fell in love with our city and all of you.

Ruth’s Best Brownie Ever Recipe

Ruth’s current top 3 restaurants in NYC

  • Crown Shy
  • Atomix
  • The Standard Grill

Steven Kaufman’s Obituary

The Peanut Butter story from The Best American Food Writing of 2018 (Ruth’s favourite story).

A sad personal aside: I was part of the launch team at ESPN the Magazine, and spent a decade working on special issues for the magazine. Yesterday, ESPN shuttered their award-winning magazine. Let’s raise a glass to my unusually talented and highly eccentric former teammates.

Insight into Ruth’s incredibly talented father, book designer Ernst Reichl

Brownies Brownies by Sweet Relief Patries, served at Ruth Reichl's event.

Substantial Bites from Ruth’s Gourmet

David Foster Wallace, Consider the Lobster

And here’s a link to DFW reading the piece

David Halberstam, The Boys from Saigon

Barry Estabrooks: Politics of the Plate

David Rakoff, Some Pig: I couldn’t find a link to the article, but here’s a wonderful ode to one of Canada’s best satirists (buy his essay collections!)

Lost Recipes from Save Me the Plums

Finally, one bittersweet parting gift: the lost Christmas recipes from the Dec. 2009 issue of Gourmet, which had been researched, photographed and written but was never published.

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Yours in fun and friendship,

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