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Phone our Youth Programmig Associate, Rita Sirignano at 403-260-2706 or email her at for more information on in-school author visits in 2019. 

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What is Wordfest Youth?

Wordfest Youth supplies authors from across Canada and around the world to present fun, illuminating in- and out-of-school events that promote a love of reading and a deeper appreciation of the world of ideas and imagination.

Who Brings the Best Authors to YYC?

Wordfest Youth connects Calgary students of all grade-levels with the world’s best YA and children’s authors. We’re a high-calibre, not-for-profit event planner of the wordiest kind who, for more than two decades, has given kids mind-bending opportunities to discover that life is brighter, funnier and juicier when creativity rules.

What Happens?

Pure magic! Wordfest brings authors from across Canada and around the world to Calgary’s stages and schools for captivating, interactive presentations.

Why Does Meeting an Author Matter?

Meeting an actual person who wrote an actual book (especially one that students have read and enjoyed) is a rare, captivating and transformative experience. The opportunity to ask an author why a bird might wake up grumpy or learn first-hand what inspires a writer to write fosters self-confidence, sparks conversations and seeds imaginative potential.

When Can the Authors Come?

Wordfest now books authors into schools throughout the year, and during our mini Spring Festival (April 2019) and during the Imaginarium Festival (October 16-23, 2019).

How Do I Book an Author?

The cost for a school visit is $500 for a 1 hour presentation. However, in response to the growing needs of Calgary schools, and to ensure as many authors and students are able to connect with each other — and with life changing ideas — we’re pleased to provide full or partial subsidies to any school that requires support. As there are a limited number of free author visits available please contact us as soon as possible to schedule a visit by an author.

If your school is able to afford the cost of an author visit – thank you! Please know that your school’s experience with an author will help support a second experience for other students in our community. 

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