Arthur Slade

Flickers (Gr. 5-7)

Arthur Slade

Flickers (Gr. 5-7)


Arthur Slade’s The Hunchback Assignments won the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award. Its three sequels were all finalists for the Canadian Library Association’s Book of the Year for Children Award, and The Dark Deeps was also a finalist for the CLA Young Adult Book Award. Slade’s previous books include Dust, winner of the Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature, as well as Tribes, Megiddo’s Shadow, Jolted, Monsterology, Villainology and the Canadian Chills series.

Flickers by Arthur Slade (Gr. 5-7)

Far from the isolated prairie ranch where they were born, orphaned twins Isabelle and Beatrice Thorn are living a glamorous 1920s Hollywood life as wards of Mr. Cecil, a mysterious and influential director. Isabelle is a silent film starlet, destined for greatness in the very first talking picture—a horror flick that will showcase her famous scream, often seen but never before heard by audiences. A movie scream so piercing, so chilling and so powerful, it will open up another dimension and summon something beyond all imagining.

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About Arthur Slade’s appearance at Wordfest 2016

Arthur Slade’s presentations are dynamic and explore the creative life, how to generate ideas and how to develop good reading habits. Available to present to grade 4 and up, a large group setting or up to 30 students for workshops. Presentations are interactive and informative with link to movie studies options, social studies, ELA curriculum. Arthur Slade will also be featured in theatres.

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12 Oct 2016
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Owl's Nest Books & Gifts, 815A 49 Ave SW