Caroline Connolly

Caroline Connolly

Once referred to as “a poor man’s Ann-Margret,” Caroline Connolly is more widely lesser-known as the first Mayor of Value Village. In other incarnations, when not annoying people (she claims ‘professionally’) from behind the camera’s lens, she’s entertaining them from the business end of a microphone as the singer and songwriter in Calgary’s favourite party band, The Lovebullies. She lives in Cochrane, AB, where her kids find her marginally amusing but the cats generally ignore her.

The How To Be Series

Dada meets the For Dummies book franchise in The Kolakovsky Press of Canada’s How To Be series of instructional booklets with illustrations. Launched in 2006 with singer-songwriter Geoff Berner’s How To Be an Accordion Player the series has expanded to include Kris Demeanor’s How To Be An Asshole of Calgary, Carolyn Mark’s, How To Be a Boozy Chanteuse and the just-published How To (Hide) Be(hind) Your Songs by Rae Spoon. You’ll want to collect them all!

Events & Tickets

Tues, Oct. 10 @ 9:15pm: Late Night Series: How to Be … Wordy & Wild

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