Caroline Connolly

Caroline Connolly

Caroline’s life reads like a Final Net ad; at the end of the day if her hair holds up longer than she does it’s been a success. She does a lot of things ok and a few other things a bit better. Her photography career started long before anyone owned cel phones. Her Great Grandfather owned the first flush toilet in Port Moody but she doesn’t let it go to her head. While writes music and sings with The Lovebullies most days shes content annoying her family with happiness, providing for them all the necessities to ensure their survival and her ‘Velociraptor Mommy” impressions. When she’s not reading and believing everything written on the back of a shampoo bottle she enjoys writing her own biographies. Connolly is a horrific speller.

Appearing in the Adult Spelling Bee

Can you spell “OUTRAGEOUS”? Our most infamous event returns, more salacious than ever. (Yes, dipthongs will no longer only be seen in grammar books.) Watch new and returning spellers try and keep their clothes on by navigating a world of silent Ks, homonyms, and umlauts. For the comfort of the participants, what happens in the theatre stays in the theatre, so the only way to understand why this is the event everyone will be talking about is to book your tickets fast! Featuring: Selina Clary, Cobra Collins, Caroline Connolly, Terrance Houle, Richard Kemick &amp; Taylor Lambert. <a href="">Read more…</a>

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9 PM
Adult Spelling Bee
Oct 12 @ 9 PM - 11 PM

Memorial Park Library, 2nd Floor

1221 2nd Street SW