Casey Plett

Casey Plett

Casey Plett is the author of the Lambda Literary Award-winning collection A Safe Girl to Love and co-editor of the award-winning anthology Meanwhile, Elsewhere: Science Fiction and Fantasy from Transgender Writers. She wrote a column on transitioning for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and her essays and reviews have appeared in a variety of publications. She received an Honour of Distinction from The Writers’ Trust of Canada’s Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBTQ Emerging Writers. She lives in Windsor, Ontario. Website: Twitter: @caseyplett.

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Reviews on Little Fish:

  • “Casey Plett’s Little Fish does not have a prologue; instead, it has a chapter zero. Here is the place where this novel starts counting: four women talking in a bar, when one of them says, ‘Age is completely different for trans people. The way we talk about age is not how cis people talk about age’” – In the Globe and Mail
  • “Wendy’s discovery that her Opa, a devout Mennonite, may have been trans serves as the framework for the book, but the focus throughout is on the day-to-day life of Wendy and her small circle of friends” – In the National Post


  • “Wendy is angry, she’s an alcoholic and she can be passive when it comes to her own life. These were all things I saw reflected in the trans community around me and my own experience, these badass survivors who were also incredibly complicated. I liked exploring Wendy’s strength along with all of her clear flaws” – In the Columbia Journal
  • “Yesterday, I started reading Little Fish. And already the humour, care, and depth that I saw during that weekend, I’m finding everywhere in her storytelling. If you get the opportunity, get this book and go hear her read. It’s so damn worth it” – In PRISM Magazine

Little Fish

<p class="Bodydin79"><span lang="EN-US">It’s the dead of winter in Winnipeg, and Wendy Reimer, a thirty-year-old trans woman, feels like her life is frozen in place. When her Oma passes away, Wendy receives an unexpected phone call from a distant family friend with a startling secret: Wendy’s Opa (grandfather) – a devout Mennonite farmer – might have been transgender himself. At first she dismisses this revelation, but as Wendy’s life grows increasingly volatile, she finds herself aching for the lost pieces of her Opa’s truth. Can Wendy unravel the mystery of her grandfather’s world and reckon with the culture that both shaped and rejected her?</span><b></b></p>

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