Ghada Alatrash

Ghada Alatrash

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Syrian-Canadian author and translator Ghada Alatrash is a doctoral student and research assistant at the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. She has an MA in English Literature from the University of Oklahoma. Alatrash has been profiled in several media including CBC, PBS, BBC, Aljazeera, and Gulf News, among others. She has been invited to present her work, accompanied by music and poetry, in Canada and abroad. One of her goals is to amplify the voices of the marginalized through her writings and translations. She lives in Calgary.

 Stripped to the Bone: Portraits of Syrian Women

Set between war-torn Syria and the West, Stripped to the Bone: Portraits of Syrian Women explores issues of identity, love, strife, courage and resilience in seven fictional stories. The book offers a re-representation of a rich Syrian culture infused with poetry and the aroma of Syrian jasmine, and one that is seldom delivered through Western news and media channels. It speaks to a number of themes — from religion and politics to homosexuality, the struggles of the children of immigrants in the West, the experiences of the people living through a merciless war, and to the lived pain of exiles and refugees.

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