Karen Connelly

Karen Connelly

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Karen Connelly is the author of 11 books. Her most recent nonfiction book, Burmese Lessons, a memoir of her time amongst dissidents, guerrillas and refugees on the Thai-Burma border, was nominated for a Governor General’s Award and the BC National Award for Canadian Nonfiction. The Lizard Cage, her first novel, was compared in The New York Times Book Review to the works of Solzhenitsyn, Mandela, and Orwell, and won Britain’s Orange Broadband Prize for New Writers. Connelly has lived in different parts of Asia and Europe and now has two homes, one in Toronto and one in Greece.

The Change Room

Eliza Keenan is the mother of two, the owner of a flower studio and a loving wife. Her one complaint about her life is that the only time she has for herself is her twice-weekly swim in the local community centre pool. Then one morning comes a tall, dark and lovely swimmer, a young woman Eliza nicknames ‘the Amazon’. The sight of this woman, naked in the change room, completely undoes Eliza, and soon the two of them are entangled in an affair that breaks all the rules and threatens to capsize not only Eliza’s world, but her lover’s, too.In this novel of erotic joy and searing honesty, Connelly explores sex, motherhood, work, and marriage with her hallmark fearlessness and humour.

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