Natalie Olsen

Natalie Olsen

Natalie Olsen started Kisscut Design in 2007 and has since been internationally recognized for her work designing books for presses across North America, with a portfolio of over 500 titles. During the summer of 2015, she co-founded a publishing company with her favourite writer. The inaugural Hingston & Olsen project, the Short Story Advent Calendar, is a limited edition set of chapbooks for readers to open and enjoy on the days leading up to Christmas.

The Short Story Advent Calendar

A twist on the traditional advent calendar box of chocolates, Hingston & Olsen Publishing’s Short Story Advent Calendar combines 24 short stories into one attractive package to brighten and enlighten any reader’s December. Previous contributors to the calendar include Daniel Handler, Sheila Heti, Jess Walter, Aimee Bender, Caroline Adderson, Pasha Malla, Anakana Schofield and many more.

Events & Tickets

Tues, Oct. 10 @ 5pm: Happy Hour: Can Lit Unbound, featuring the Short Story Advent Calendar Launch

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