Wesley King


WESLEY KING is the author of many books, including the Silver Birch and Ruth & Sylvia Schwartz Award-winning OCDaniel, The Vindico and The Feros. He has recently come to terms with the fact that his first career choice—jedi—may be impractical for the moment. He is now embarking on his second choice—author. After coming to grips with this choice, he found himself having an inclination toward the self-serving villains in the background of fantasy stories, and found writing young adult novels to be the perfect avenue for his own dark humor and fierce desire for superpowers. Wesley lives in Nova Scotia with his family.


Marcus Brimley is back on Earth with Dree and George in tow. The group’s mission is clear: Find the Flames’ ancient Egg and bring it back to Dracone, so that its powerful dragon magic can be harnessed in the fight against the drones. But when the U.S. government complicates their plans, Marcus, Dree and George must figure out another way to get their hands on the Egg — even if it means making an enormous sacrifice.

Ages: 8 – 12
Grades: 3 – 7


When Laura’s family moves before eighth grade, she expects her new school to be like the old one: full of unimaginative bullies. What she doesn’t expect are the snake-like yellow eyes watching her from the forest. Or the mysterious rattling in her closet. But when Laura finally discovers the source of the rattling, things take on a whole new level of weird. It turns out Laura has just been given the most important job in the world: Monster Crusher. Her role is simple: protect the earth from the horrors beneath their feet. Lord of the Rings meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets The DUFF in this funny, fast-paced tale of middle-school monsters, self-image, and, oh yeah, actual monsters that want to kill everyone.

Ages: 8 – 12
Grades: 3 – 7


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