Resources for the Youth Program at Calgary's #1 Reader's Festival

Wordfest Youth Reading Guides Archive

Wordfest Reading Guides have been created for most children’s and YA books presented at Wordfest since 2000. There are more than 150 guides at the moment, and the collection is growing every year.

An archive of our past educational resources is available free of charge at the Dropbox link below.

How to use the archive:

For your convenience, the guides are saved online in folders organized by grade levels, then by alphabetical order of the author.

  • To view a file, click on the folder you want, scroll to the reading guide you want, click on the file name to open and view.
  • To download a file, view the file and click on download if you wish.
  • To go back to another folder, use the browser’s back arrow (usually in top left corner of the screen) to go back to the previous screen.
  • To search for a specific title, use your browser search function (e.g. Alt+E,F) and search by keyword within each folder. Please note: there is no search function in Dropbox.

Dropbox is also available as an app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices.

If you have any questions about the archive or need assistance accessing the files using Dropbox, please contact Wordfest at or phone 403 237 9068 ext. 223

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