Quick Facts about Close to Hugh

Quick facts about Close to Hugh

Marina Endicott’s just-launched novel Close to Hugh mixes humor with a very real and emotional experience of youth, age, mortality and family. Her protagonist, Hugh Argylle, has quite a nasty fall from a ladder, and his quick trip down turns into a journey for all of those around him. Full of quirks and quality moments, Close to Hugh is an exploration of the lives of people. Here are a few quick facts about Marina Endicott’s latest work:

  1. #1: Marina Endicott thought up the character of Hugh Argylle during a writing exercise when she was teaching in Cochrane, Alberta in the 90s.

  2. #2: The entire book takes place over the course of a single week.

  3. #3: Poetry is strewn throughout the novel, tidbits to reinforce the theme of art in Hugh’s life.

  4. #4: The book is a contemporary view of family, a step away from Endicott’s last novel The Little Shadows which is set in the early 1900s.

  5. #5: Keep an eye out for a joke from 80s classic “Back to the Future.”

  6. #6: Close to Hugh is set in Peterborough, Ontario.

  7. #7: The novel is filled with puns, something not originally in Marina’s mind when she started writing but with a name like Hugh who can resist?

  8. #8: Marina Endicott’s background in theatre was a big influence on the artistic themes in Close to Hugh.

  9. #9: Hugh’s teenagers in the book were strongly influenced by stories from Marina Endicott’s children.

  10. #10: Marina Endicott lives in Edmonton with her family.

Wordfest presents Marina Endicott with Guy Vanderhaeghe on June 1, 7pm, at the Calgary Public Library. The event is hosted by Fred Stenson. Tickets are $15.

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