Alex A.

Alex A.

Alex A. discovered his love of drawing and creating cartoon characters at age eight and has been at it ever since. Kids know him as the author and illustrator of the graphic novel series Super Agent Jon Le Bon! – made into an animated series of more than 15 shorts that air on CBC Kids – and Mini-Jon’s Experiments, published monthly in ChickaDEE magazine. His books have sold over a million copies in Quebec alone. Fond of wool toques and colourful plaid pants, Alex A. lives in Montreal with his dog Wolfy.

Facebook: @superagentjonlebon


Super Agent Jon Le Bon! – The Secret Files of Mr. Shorthand

In book #9 of the <em>Super Agent Jon Le Bon!</em> series, the Agency is no more and Big Beaver is in control of the First Continent. Jon, Shorthand, WXT, and Maple are looking for a mysterious element that could save them… and stumble onto Shorthand’s files. These archives include the Agency’s and Earth A’s biggest secrets about the agents, the bad guys, the continents, and the peoples – a ton of information never before seen (including Big Beaver’s plan). But handle with care: this information is strictly confidential!

L’Agent Jean! – Les dossiers secrets de Moignons

L’Agence n’est plus et le Castor contrôle le Premier Continent. Mais Jean, Moignons, WXT, et Bulle sont à la recherche d’un mystérieux élément qui pourrait bien les sauver… et tombent au passage sur les dossiers de Moignons! Ces archives regroupent les plus grands secrets de l’Agence et de la Terre A sur les agents, les vilains, les continents, les peuples… Une tonne d’informations inédites (y compris le plan du Castor!). Mais attention! Ces renseignements sont strictement confidentiels.
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