Morgan Baden

Morgan Baden

Morgan Baden is a New York Times bestselling ghostwriter, as well as a social media expert who for many years oversaw communications for Scholastic, the world’s largest children’s book publisher. She’s also taught social media marketing at New York University. The Hive is her first book collaboration with her husband, Barry Lyga; together they also host Writing in Real Life, a podcast series about writing, parenting, and books. She lives with her family in New Jersey.

Twitter: @morganbaden
Instagram: @morganbaden


The Hive

When 17-year-old Cassie makes an edgy, online joke, her viral comment whips an entire country into a frenzy and the Hive demands retribution. Forced to go on the run from this deadly, state-sanctioned mob and aided by a shadowy underground network, Cassie becomes an unlikely heroine as her search for the truth makes her a threat to the entire unjust system. Set in the near future, <em>The Hive</em> is part coming-of-age story, part socio-speculative thriller, and shockingly relevant today.
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