Ruby Porter

Ruby Porter

Ruby Porter is a prose writer, poet, and artist. Her work has been published in Geometry Journal, Aotearotica, Spinoff and Wireless, and a selection of her poetry is available on NZEPC. She was the winner of the Wallace Foundation Short Fiction Award in 2017 and the inaugural winner of the Michael Gifkins Prize in 2018 for her debut novel, Attraction. Porter tutors creative writing at the University of Auckland, and in high schools.



The present reckons with the past in <em>Attraction</em>, Ruby Porter’s atmospheric debut novel.

Three women are on a road trip, navigating the motorways of the North Island, their relationships with one another, and New Zealand’s colonial history. Our narrator doesn’t know where she stands with Ilana, her not-quite girlfriend. She has a complex history with her best friend, Ashi. She’s haunted by the memory of her emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend. And her period is now weeks late.

<em>Attraction</em> is a meditative novel of connection, inheritance and the stories we tell ourselves. In lyrical fragments, Porter explores what it means to be and to belong, to create and to destroy.
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