Sean Michaels

Sean Michaels

Sean Michaels is a novelist, short-story writer, critic, and founder of the pioneering music blog Said the Gramophone. His award-winning writing has also appeared in The Observer, McSweeney’s, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Maisonneuve, and The Globe and Mail. Michaels’s debut novel, Us Conductors, won the Scotiabank Giller Prize and the QWF Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan Prize for Fiction, and was nominated for the First Novel Award, the Kirkus Prize for Fiction, the International DUBLIN Literary Award, and (in translation) the Prix des libraires du Québec. He enjoys cold water, warm madeleines, and songs with colours in their titles. Born in Stirling, Scotland, and raised in Ottawa, Michaels lives in Montreal.

Twitter: @stgramophone

Us Conductors stretches its arms to encompass nearly everything – it is an immigrant tale, an epic, a spy intrigue, a prison confession, an inventor’s manual, a creation myth, and an obituary – but the electric current humming through its heart is an achingly resonant love story.” — Anthony Marra


The Wagers

Theo Potiris is a grocer and a comedian who never repeats his jokes. After 15 years of open mics, he’s still waiting for his break – bicycling to the comedy club at night, stacking plums at his family’s grand and ramshackle supermarket by day. His girlfriend is halfway around the world, searching for enlightenment with a patron who happens to be the richest man on Earth, and when two other loved-ones get struck by bolts from the blue, Theo decides he can’t keep chasing his old dreams any longer. He resolves to trade his wishes in, pursuing a bigger score.

Bursting with sheer story-telling pleasure and stylish prose, <em>The Wager</em>s carries you along on wave after wave of invention – a literary motorcycle chase that soon has you wondering about the randomness of good fortune and all the ways we choose to wage our lives.
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