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Wordfest 25@25: Eva Crocker & Michael Crummey
Sep 29 @ 7 PM MT $15
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Last week, Shelagh Rogers passed the daisy to Michael Crummey. He has selected fellow Newfoundlander Eva Crocker to be his virtual stage-mate - so everyone pour something strong, this will be an east coast banger for the books! Says Crummey, "Her work is very much Newfoundland centric, but in a completely different way than mine. Urban, millennial, dystopic, and exploring sexuality, and gender in a way unimaginable even 20 years ago." READ MORE
25@25 Passes
Sep 08 @ 7 PM MT $99 - $125
Wordfest is turning 25 this year and we were planning an ambitious live festival in September to celebrate our anniversary, featuring 25 authors in 25 events. But everything is different now. So we’ve decided to try something different. Something that could ONLY happen online. Online access to 25@25 is on sale now, with two ticket packages available. READ MORE