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My Begging Chart

Keiler Roberts mines the passing moments of family life to deliver an affecting and funny account of what it means to simultaneously exist as a mother, daughter, wife, and artist. Drawn in an unassuming yet charming staccato that mimics the awkward rhythm of life, no one’s foibles are left unspared, most often the author’s own.

When Roberts considers whether or not to dust the ceiling fan, it’s effectively relevant. She can get lost in the rewarding melodrama of playing Barbies with her daughter and will momentarily snap out of her depression. Her harmless fibs to get through the moment are brought up by her daughter a year or two later, yet without hesitation Roberts will request that her daughter’s imaginary friend not visit when she is around. Her MS diagnosis lingers in the background, never taking centre stage.

In her most encompassing work yet, Keiler meditates on routine and stillness. The vignettes of her everyday life exude immense presence, making her comics thoroughly relatable and reflective of our all-too-human lives as they unfold with humour, sadness, and relieving joy. In transporting these stories onto paper, Keiler observes, and at times relishes, a fleeting present. 

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Keiler Roberts’ Other Book

Powdered Milk

“Intelligent, poignant, hilarious, and awesome. Keiler Roberts’ comic, Powdered Milk takes an honest look into the world of pregnancy, parenting, postpartum depression and all the living that goes on in-between those things…Certainly one of the best new comics I’ve read in a long time, I’d recommend it to anyone who’s been pregnant or cared for a baby.” –Gwen Lewis, Hip Mama Zine

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