I love a book that can make me pause. A sentence that makes me sit up and ponder exactly how that collection of seemingly innocent words made me feel. A novel idea that makes me question my own knowledge, bias, or interpretation of some event. As a journalist, I practice cutting through information to get the core facts, but I don’t always get the opportunity to savour a beautiful piece of writing. These books cover uncomfortable topics – from endless adversity, loss, racism, devastating history, the strength of optimism and the resilience of powerful women. Some of these books will inspire you to question your inherent bias, and some have made me cheer out loud for the protagonist. From memoirs to poetry to fiction, each book shares one characteristic – it will make you think. You may actively want to change afterwards. What better way to grow than that?

About Joelle Tomlinson

Joelle Tomlinson is the main host of CTV Morning Live Calgary – covering local, national and international news on a daily basis. Her passion lies in interviewing, capturing stories and connecting with people around the globe. A highly sought-after emcee and host, she is passionate about a number of topics – most significantly the opioid crisis and empowering diverse and marginalized voices within the community. Tomlinson was named the Western Association of Broadcasting’s Leader of Tomorrow in 2017. When not behind the anchor desk, she enjoys long distance running, teaching spin classes, hiking, reading, writing, time with friends and family — and the magic of a local coffee shop.