“My journey as an activist started at a young age, when I watched my immigrant parents look after their family and community, in addition to working hard and raising my sisters and me. They were an inspiration for me and shaped how I viewed my role in my community. These books were all integral to my journey in growing as an advocate. Whichever you pick up, I hope they touch you the way they touched me and go on to inspire you to fight for a better world.”

About Lourdes Juan

Lourdes Juan is an Urban Planner, entrepreneur and award winning non-profit Founder. She shares her time with the diverse companies and non-profits she started, Hive Developments, Soma Spa, Leftovers Foundation, Fresh Routes and Knead Technologies. A board director for several organizations, she is passionate about city building, dignified food access and entrepreneurship. She is dedicated to making a positive difference through her work and philanthropy.