Music can influence many aspects of our lives, specifically in our creative worlds.  Home just doesn’t feel like home without the musical notes of the newest hit or from a favourite oldie on the radio. I chose 12 books that remind me that music can bring two people (even aliens) together to common ground. From personal memoirs to horror fiction, you will see that music is prevalent in all these choices. So, on your way to your next music festival this summer, check out one of these books and sing-a-long to the melody.

About Bianca Johnny

Bianca Johnny is a commercial flooring sales specialist who moonlights as a professional singer and karaoke host in Calgary. Her love of music started in Grade Four choir when she serenaded the gym full of parents with a choir medley of Billy Joel. Jonny hosts karaoke at several bars in the city and sings with her guitarist in the local live music scene. Her go-to karaoke song of choice is Rolling In The Deep by Adele.