Listen to Girl Runner – Word Play 2014

6degreesWordfest and Six Degrees Music, Productions and Studios have partnered to produce the 2014 Word Play, part of the Festival's celebrated Word Projects series.

Girl Runner Carrier Snyder Book JacketThis year’s joint audio project features an adaptation of Chapter One of Girl Runner by Carrie Snyder from the Wordfest 2014 lineup.

The novel follows Aganetha Smart, a pioneering athlete who captured world attention during the 1928 Olympics. Now, at the age of 104, alone, and in a nursing home, she seems forgotten by history. But for the competitive and ambitious Aganetha, life remains present and unfinished in her mind. When her quiet routine is disturbed by two strangers, the past rattles up to meet them all.

6 Degrees is a music and sound production company specializing in commercial production. 6 Degrees' work has garnered Emmy and Gemini nominations, along with numerous local and national advertising honours.

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