Alice Major

Alice Major

Poet and essayist Alice Major served as Edmonton’s first poet laureate, founded the Edmonton Poetry Festival, and received the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta 2017 Distinguished Artist Award. She has appeared at science gatherings (such as the C.N. Yang Institute of Theoretical Physics) as well as literary events. This year, she was invited to deliver the Anne Szumigalski lecture at the Canadian Writers Summit. Major’s awards include a National Magazine Award gold medal. Website:

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Reviews of Welcome to the Anthropocene:

  • “Because the universe is big and all but incomprehensible, the average Jills and Joes don’t dare ask too many existential questions. It is left to poets to face the truth in those places the rest of us fear to tread” – In Foreword Reviews
  • “In English poetry there is not likely another poem with a title like this:
    2.71828 1828 4590 4523 5360 2874 7135 2…” – At ReadCube


  • “Alice Major is known as Edmonton’s first poet laureate, but her legacy in the city goes much further” – In Global News
  • “In my ideal world, we’d have a higher level of science literacy among writers in general, just as we would like people to have a general feel for world literature or history or the art that informs ekphrastic poetry” – In the Malahat Review

Welcome to the Anthropocene

<p class="Bodydin79"><span lang="EN-US">Alice Major observes the comedy and tragedy of this human-dominated moment on Earth. Major’s most persistent question – “Where do we fit in the universe?” – is made more urgent by the ecological calamity of human-driven climate change. Her poetry leads us to question human hierarchies, loyalties and consciousness, and challenges us to find some humility in our overblown sense of our cosmic significance.</span></p>

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9 PM
Poetry Cabaret
Oct 12 @ 9 PM MT - 11 PM MT

DJD Dance Centre

111 12 Ave SE
9 AM
Gals and Good Times
Oct 13 @ 9 AM MT - 10:45 AM MT

Memorial Park Library, 2nd Floor

1221 2nd Street SW