Esther Gerritsen

Esther Gerritsen

Esther Gerritsen is a Dutch novelist, columnist, and scriptwriter. She made her literary debut in 2000 and is now one of the most established, widely read, and highly praised authors in the Netherlands. Gerritsen had the honor of writing the Dutch Book Week gift in 2016, which had a print-run of 700,000 copies. In 2014, she was awarded the Frans Kellendonk Prize for her oeuvre. Craving was shortlisted for the Vondel Prize and has recently been made into a Dutch film under its original title, Dorst.

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On Craving:

  • “The lives of others, in all their peculiarity, are given sympathetic scrutiny in this diverting European oddity” – In Kirkus Reviews
  • “The bag is proof of her illness, as though her words alone wouldn’t be enough; the bag is also her excuse” – Excerpt on Words Without Borders



Elizabeth is dying. Coco jumps at this chance to prove her love, and promptly moves in with her deteriorating mother. Alongside a supporting cast of ex-bosses, ex-husbands, and (soon to be ex-) boyfriends, the two estranged women attempt to overcome their dark past and find closeness. Psychologically astute and eye-poppingly candid, Gerritsen’s prose chimes with the absurdist logic and melancholy wit of characters as true as they are ridiculous.

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