Paula Morris

Paula Morris

Paula Morris, of Ngati Wai and English descent, was born in Auckland. She has published several novels, of which Rangatira was the winner of the Fiction Award at the 2012 New Zealand Post Book Awards. She has also published young adult novels in the United States and is the editor of The Penguin Book of Contemporary New Zealand Short Stories. Morris holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, teaches at the University of Auckland, and is the founder of the Academy of New Zealand Literature. Website: Twitter: @pjkmorris.

Paula Morris’s appearance is made possible by Creative New Zealand.

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Reviews of False River:

  • “It’s fair to say that Paula Morris is an obsessive. The Auckland writer claims that title in her latest book, False River, a diverse collection of short stories and essays” – On Noted
  • “But this collection allowed me to enter each world quickly and with minimal fuss as I became engrossed by the stories. It was a revelation” – At Booksellers New Zealand’s blog


  • “Flash fiction is a demanding medium, because it’s asking for the shape, movement and resonance of a short story within much more restricted dimensions” – At Flash Frontier
  • False River is an unusual book, in that it’s a collection of both short stories and essays, all around the theme of lying and secret histories” – At Art Bop

False River

Riffing on truth, lies, and secrets, this collection uses fiction to explore fact and fact to explore fiction. Fictional characters muse upon the truth behind real people, non-fiction pieces contain short interludes of fiction, fiction is written to read like an essay, made-up elements slip into true accounts. These pieces range the world –  from America to Antwerp to Aotearoa – and talk about writers and writing, famous figures, family members, witch-burning in Denmark, cyclones, and numerous pertinent and stimulating topics.

<em>Paula Morris’s appearance is made possible by Creative New Zealand.</em>

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