2015 Festival Crushes

Calgary Readers Confess their Festival Crushes from the Wordfest 2015 Lineup

Zsuzsi Gartner

Everett Wilson, Wordfest’s Communications Manager, talks about how he discovered Zsuzsi Gartner’s collection of short stories, Better Living Through Plastic Explosives.

Neil Smith

Sandra Paire, Wordfest Youth and French Program Manager discusses Neil Smith’s new coming of age novel that goes deeper and beyond reality.

Hannah Kent

Cassandra Paul, Operations Manager talks about Hannah Kent and her novel based in Iceland, Burial Rights.

Drew Hayden Taylor

Ashley Promislow, Education Program Assistant, discusses Drew Hayden Taylor’s third book that is a compilation of essays, Me Artsy, about the artistic practices of First Nation peoples today.

Wab Kinew

Brittney Bear Hat, Programming Assistant, talks about Wab Kinew’s first novel, The Reason You Walk, which is all about coming back to culture and tradition.

Elizabeth Hay

Anne Logan, Guest Programming Guru talks about Elizabeth Hay’s new novel, His Whole Life, about a young boy named Jim on a road trip with his family. He has one moving question “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?”

Walter Scott

Melanie Hayes, Webmaster and Designer discusses the comic of the trendy art girl, Wendy, created by Walter Scott.

Nick Cutter

Spencer Wishart, Marketing and Development Intern talks about Nick Cutter’s new thriller, The Deep.

Michel Chikwanine

John Richardson, Youth and Cultural Connections Coordinatoor, talks about Michel Chikwanine’s short children’s book of the realities and hardships Chikwanine faced as a young boy.