This is What Canadian Fiction Looks Like in 2023

On Friday, October 13, 2023, Wordfest gathered seven of Canada’s most enchanting novelists on our Imaginairium stage for a unique storytelling experience: The Way We… Hex the Patriarchy. Under full moons created by Calgary’s Erica Guan, these bewitching writers cast unforgettable spells. Brava to Mona Awad, Claudia Dey, Cherie Dimaline, Emma Donoghue, Heather O’Neill, Zalika Reid-Benta, and katherena Vermette, as well as host Pam Rocker.

Help Wordfest spread the magic far and wide by sharing portraits of the Coven and event photos captured by Calgary’s Heather Saitz, the video of the photo shoot and show by Calgary’s Gergo Koroknay, and the Instagram reel of the full experience created by Calgary’s Shareworthy PR. Let’s make the Canadian-made group shot THE photograph that inspires readers everywhere. (Why should Vanity Fair have all the fun?)

10 Bewitching Canadian Reads

Most life-changing of all, embrace and help promote these writers and their spellbinding books. Let’s celebrate Canadian literature by turning the world on to the full force of the CanLit Power Coven. 


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