katherena vermette

katherena vermette

katherena vermette (she/her) is a Red River Métis (Michif) writer from Treaty 1 territory, the heart of the Métis Nation, Winnipeg. vermette received the Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry for her first book, North End Love Songs. Her first novel, The Break, won several awards including the Amazon First Novel Award, and was a bestseller in Canada. Her second novel, The Strangers, won the Atwood Gibson Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize, was longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, was named Indigo’s 2021 Book of the Year, and was a #1 national bestseller. Her work in children’s literature includes the graphic novel series A Girl Called Echo. vermette lives with her family in a cranky old house within skipping distance of the temperamental Red River.

Website: katherenavermette.com


The Circle

<blockquote>Like Tommy Orange's There There, The Circle is a polyphonic masterpiece. Brutal at turns, and tender at others, it's about the tremendous impact one person can have on an entire community.” –<em>Erika T. Wurth</em>, author of White Horse</blockquote>
<strong>From the award-winning and #1 bestselling author of <em>The Break </em>and <em>The Strangers </em>comes a poignant and unwavering epic told from a constellation of Métis voices that consider the fallout when the person who connects them all goes missing.</strong>

The concept was simple. You sit a bunch of people in a circle – everyone who hurt, everyone who got hurt, all affected – and let them share. Some people, it helped them heal, for sure. Others went in angry and left a different kind of angry. Learned how the blame belonged on the system, the history, the colonizer, the big things that were harder to change than one bad person.

The day that Cedar Sage Stranger has been both dreading and longing for has finally come: her sister Phoenix is getting out of prison.

The effect of Phoenix’s release cascades through the community. M, the young girl whom she assaulted, is triggered by the news. Her mother, Paulina, is worried and her cousin is angry – all feel the threat of Phoenix’s release. When Phoenix is seen lingering outside the school to catch a glimpse of her son, Sparrow, the police get a call to file a report – but the next thing they know, she has disappeared.

Amid accusations and plots for revenge, past grievances become a poor guide in a moment of danger, and the clumsy armature of law enforcement is no match for the community. Cedar and her and Phoenix’s mother, Elsie, continue down different paths of healing, while everyone in their lives form a circle around the chaos, the calm within the storm, and the beauty in the darkness.

Fierce, heartbreaking, and profound, katherena vermette’s <em>The Circle</em> is the third and final companion novel to her bestsellers <em>The Break</em> and <em>The Strangers</em>. Told from various perspectives, with an unforgettable voice for each chapter, the novel is masterfully structured as a Restorative Justice Circle where all gather – both the victimized and the accused – to take account of a crime that has altered the course of their lives. It considers what it means to be abandoned by the very systems that claim to offer support, how it feels to gain a sense of belonging, and the unanticipated cost of protecting those you love most.

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Oct 13 @ 7 PM MT - 8:30 PM MT

DJD Dance Centre

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12 PM
How to 'Break' Barriers: Francine Cunningham & katherena vermette
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Memorial Park Library, Alexander Calhoun Salon

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