Try Not to Be Strange with Michael Hingston

Try Not to Be Strange: Michael Hingston

Try Not to Be Strange with Michael Hingston

Hosted by Ali Bryan

Oct 01 @ 1 PM - 2 PM MT 
Memorial Park Library, Alexander Calhoun Salon
1221 2 St SW

How do you describe an event about a book about a kingdom where authors rule that only exists because another writer willed it into being in 1880? Welcome to the curious history of Redonda, which has captivated Alberta writer Michel Kingston for years. He’ll regale you with tales featuring with a cast of characters including forgotten sci-fi novelists, alcoholic poets, vegetarian publishers, Nobel Prize frontrunners, and the bartenders who kept them all lubricated, detailing the friendships, feuds, and fantasies that fueled the creation of one of the oddest and most enduring micronations ever dreamt into being.

This one-hour book launch, hosted by Ali Bryan, includes an audience Q&A (no questions can be too strange!) and book signing.

This event is part of Wordfest’s Imaginairium festival, Sept. 29 – Oct. 6, 2022. Connect with 60+ of the world’s most generous writers, thinkers, activators and inspirers, gathered just for you in Calgary, Canada. For more info:


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