Jordan Tannahill

Jordan Tannahill

Jordan Tannahill is a playwright, director, and author. His plays have been translated into multiple languages and honoured with a number of prizes including the Governor General’s Literary Award for drama and several Dora Mavor Moore Awards. Jordan’s films and multimedia performances have been presented at festivals and galleries such as the Toronto International Film Festival, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Tribeca Film Festival. From 2012 to 2016, Jordan and William Ellis ran the influential underground art space Videofag out of their home in Toronto’s Kensington Market. Born in Ottawa, he currently resides in London, England. Website: Twitter: @SuburbanBeast.

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Reviews of Liminal:

  • “What’s touching about this book is the fact that it’s written essentially as a letter to his mother. Even when describing the first night he meets one of his long-time lovers, he admits sheepishly that he didn’t wear a helmet while biking home with him, directing this comment to his mom” – On I’ve Read This
  • “It craves depth at every sentence, to the extent that calling it a “page-turner” suggests moving in the wrong direction. You don’t want to get to the end of this type of book; you’d rather drill down to its spine” – In the Globe and Mail


  • “I went to check on her in her room and in that instant I could see her as the body that she would be when she died” – In Quill and Quire
  • “Picture this: A son is worried about his mother, who hasn’t woken up for the day. He goes to check on her and sees her still form in her bed apparently not moving. She hasn’t been well and thoughts begin to race through his mind. Has she died? Is she still breathing?” – In ARTSFILE


<p class="Bodydin79"><span lang="EN-US">At 11:04am on January 21, 2017, Jordan opens the door to his mother’s bedroom. As his eyes adjust to the half-light, he finds her lying in bed, eyes closed and mouth agape. In that instant he cannot tell whether she is asleep or dead. The sight of his mother’s body, caught between these two possibilities, causes Jordan to plunge into the uncertain depths of consciousness.</span></p>
<p class="Bodydin79"><span lang="EN-US">Part ontological thriller, part millennial saga, <i>Liminal</i> is a riotous, moving portrait of a young man in volatile times, a generation caught in suspended animation, and a son’s enduring love for his mother.</span></p>

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7 PM
A Dramatic Celebration of the Governor General's Literary Awards
Oct 10 @ 7 PM MT - 8:30 PM MT

DJD Dance Centre

111 12 Ave SE
9 PM
Literary Death Match
Oct 10 @ 9 PM MT - 11 PM MT

DJD Dance Centre

111 12 Ave SE
12 PM
Tasty Bites: Joshua Whitehead & Jordan Tannahill
Oct 10 @ 12 PM MT - 1 PM MT

Memorial Park Library, 2nd Floor

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